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Performance Check

Our performance check tool enables you to track and monitor the performance of your sales agents, giving you valuable insights into productivity, conversion rates, and more.

WA Notification

Get real-time WhatsApp on lead status changes and keep updated instantly. Agents receive automatic alerts when leads are assigned, allowing them to promptly reach out to customers.

Status Pipeline

With our pipeline view by agent or project feature, you can gain valuable insights into your agent's sales progress. This allows you to track their current sales stage and identify in the sales process.

Decision Making

By utilizing data-driven insights from agent performance analysis, learn how to make more informed decisions that result in higher quality outcomes.

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With our platform, you can finally say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple agents in Google Sheets. No more juggling multiple tabs to assign leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lead management such as you can allocate a lead for an agent, updating lead information, filters by status, name, mobile number, etc…
You can analyze agent performance by chart such as, last 14 day served lead, average convert time, total lead status, and more… To maximize your profit.

When you(cobroker/publisher) assigned a leads to that agent, our platform will send them a WhatsApp message.

Note: when you assigned 4 leads to an agent within 2 min, an agent will receive 1 message on WhatsApp, we have to avoid too many spams.

When a agent updated the leads, it will also send you a WhatsApp message, the leads have updated by who.

Note: If the agent updated same leads within 2 min, you would only receive 1 message, neither do you want to receive same message?

Pipeline view is a visual way displayed as a card in a column that you can much easier to view or organize your lead in which stage.
Yes. There are no limit. As long as agent is listed in our list.
Let’s say your plan expired on 03-Aug, you are going to renew for 1 month plan, it will based on the expired date 03-Aug + 30 day, so your expired date will be 03-Sep.

Get a account first, then at your billing page just select a plan and it will bring you to the payment page. Support Major Visa, Master, AMEX, UnionPay, credit/debit card.

No, let me give you an example, you get 1 year plan, after expired, there is no automatically charges from your credit/debit card.
Sorry, no refund. Choose a plan that you can afford with it.

Most of agent and cobroker still manage their lead by using Google sheet. But can you imagine if you have 5 project and over 600 leads? How many Google sheet you want to create for agent? How many Chrome tab you want to open? This will going crazy.

Also, how do you analyze your agent performance by chart? This is not a easy way to do it in Google sheet, since different agent different report on Google sheet

That why we come out this platform to help agent and cobroker to manage their lead and maximize cobroker profit by choose a right agent.

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